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League Magic provides a fully configurable schedule builder that will save teams a huge amount of time.  Our powerful builder includes the following features:

Ability to have diverse teams.  No Midget problem.  Multiple teams on one age problem.

Your games are played at multiple locations. The scheduler allows clubs to create locations, assign them multiple games, manage home and away fields, display public and private schedules.

Configurable game time module. League Magic allows users to create pre-determined game time slots for scheduling purposes. Need different game times at different fields?  No problem!

Allows for quick changes.  Have you ever had a problem making a quick change and then having to get the message out.  Our scheduler will make those changes, upload them into both the teams/clubs and or public views and update the standing/scores module to ensure you don't skip a beat.

Interface with the playoff brackets module. Our scheduler interfaces with the scores, standings, tie breaker and playoffs modules to allow for an automatic press of the "publish" buttons and you playoff brackets is immediately built.

As scores are posted schedules are updated and teams are assigned. Enter your scores and know that your schedules are updated and if you are in the playoffs season your brackets are automatically advanced and the winning teams schedules assigned.


League Magic

Game Scheduling, Scores & Standings



The League Magic Standings Module is directly linked to your schedule, tie breaker and scores modules.  How long does it take you to finalize your standings every week?  How would you like that process to be 10 seconds.  Teams can configure their team schedules, regions and tie breakers prior to the season. Once all scores are entered for the day, press one button and all standings are automatically calculated AND posted to your public web page view.  Past season standings can be viewed by a simple drop down of past years.




League Magic provides clubs/associations with an easy to use online score entry system. Scores are immediately posted for the public view. No more waiting for teams to see other field results. Easy to use date break down to find past week scores. Online entry of scores makes life easier for field representative to enter game scores on the fly.

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