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Game Management

League Magic provides a Game Management suite of tools that will save League's a huge amount of time.  Our powerful suite includes the following features:


  • Allows for quick changes

  • Participant Online Check-in


  • Ability to have diverse teams

  • Interface with the playoff brackets

  • Games played at multiple locations

  • Referee game and position assignments

  • Cheer-off Competition Scheduling and Scoring


League Magic

Game Scheduling, Scores & Standings




Comprehensive Scheduler that includes the following:

  • Interface to schedule Exhibition, Regular Season and Playoff games.

  • Ability to schedule Double Headers

  • Generate Regular Season Scheduling XLS Template that can modified and uploaded to populate online game schedule

  • Disable Player Check-in’s after the days games are played.

  • Mirror Game Schedule between Football and Cheerleading Programs

  • Game Schedule reports by Team, Organization and Location

  • Create Referee Schedules to assign up to (5) Referees for each game

  • Create Cheer-Off Competition schedules

  • Enable/Disable viewing Schedules on public pages


Configurable Standings that includes the following:

  • Standings by Conference, Division, Region

  • Order By Seed or Rank

  • Up to (3) Tiebreakers to determine Seeding and Ranking order

  • Display Conference, Division and/or Region  Win/Loss Records, Head to Head, Points Allowed and Points Scored

  • Button to update and publish Standings at the end of the day

  • Button to populate Playoff Brackets at the end of the Regular Season

  • Enable/Disable viewing Standings  on public pages



Interactive Scoring that includes the following:

  • Allow a specified User or Referee to input game scores

  • Teams automatically advance in the Playoff Brackets after scores are posted for a playoff game

  • Report Player of Coaches Ejections for specific games

  • Manage Cheer-Offs Competition Scores and Standings

  • Enable/Disable viewing Scores on public pages

Playoff Brackets

Versatile Playoff Brackets that includes the following:

  • Brackets that can support up to 16 Teams per Age Division

  • Various settings to support most Playoff Seeding configurations

  • Enable/Disable viewing Playoff Brackets  on public pages

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