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Registration and Player Profiles

Online Registration



League Magic provides a fully integrated, and customizable player registration system that provides the following:

  • Approval based registration capability. The module allows teams to assign approval based processes into the system to keep players in a pending status until approved onto the team.

  • Maximum player roster & wait list module. Teams can pre-assign the amount of players they want on a team, and the module will interface with the public registration module informing parents if they are wait listed or not.

  • Integration to ages and weights module. System allows for automatic calculation and assignment capability. No player can register for a team they are not qualified for.

  • Fully integrated registration to payment portal. Multiple payments process module that allows for partial and/or full payment processes. Multiple fee types capability.

Player Profiles



Comprehensive player profile system that includes the following:
  • Demographic data.  League Magic contains all necessary fields required for a team roster. 

  • Automatic player age calculator. Players ages are automatically calculated based on the team's pre-set age division stipulations.

  • Player Certification Manager. League Magic provides a configurable "traffic light" player certification manager that tracks the process of a player to full certification.  These parameters are decided and set up by the team.

  • Birth Certificate, Document and Photo Uploader.  The League Magic system provides a "first of a kind" no hard copy team folder process.  Clubs required documents can be uploaded automatically allowing for bar coded player check in.

  • Team Check in Security. Limit cheating with our 'state of the art' internal security system.  Once a player and their documents are uploaded and certified the system automatically turns off the document change capability.

  • Game tracking module.  Integration to the bar code team check in allows for a track record of the weekly games played by a player.

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