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Registration & Certification


Registration and Certification Management

Players Portal



League Magic   provides Online Players Registration that provides the following:
  • Organizations get a link to publish on their website that directs members to their Players and Coaches Registration page

  • Registration page shows which Teams are accepting Players, if there is a Waiting List, Registration Fee, Head Coach, and League Age

  • Register New and Returning Participants

  • Registration Form requests the information about the Participant, including two contacts, medical conditions, insurance information, uniform sizes, years of experience, and preferred position

League Magic   Players Registration Portal allows Participants to Upload or eSign their Certification Documents

League Magic   Players Registration Portal allows Participants to make credit card payments which get applied to the Participants account.




Volunteers Portal



League Magic   provides Online Coaches Registration that provides the following:
  • Register New or Returning coaches to a specific Team and position

  • Coaches  & Club Admins can Upload or e-Sign Certification Documents

League Magic   Volunteers Portal allows Coaches and Club Administrators to Upload or eSign their Certification Documents

League Magic   Volunteers Portal allows Organizations to rate a Referees by name, uniform number, or position as well as rating the performance of the entire crew for each game one of their Teams played




Player Uploads



League Magic   provides the ability to bulk upload players information that is in a CSV format.





Flexible Certification of Participants and Coaches that include the following:
  • Ability to Upload or eSign Certification Documents and use verification Checkboxes 

  • Specify different Certification Criteria for Football and Cheerleading participants, and define different Certification Criteria for Coaches, Jr Coaches, Head Coaches, Organization Administrators and League Administrators

  • Set expiration dates on each Certification Item to ensure the documents are always up to date in future programs.

  • Ability to print a 3"x4" Field Access Badge or a 2.16"x3.38" plastic identification card Badge for Certified Volunteers

  • Generic Badges can be generated to allow Field Access for individuals are not require to be Certified

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