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Payment Processing

League Magic uses Youth Sports Payments (YSP) as its 3rd party Payment Processing Provider to transfer participants payments directly into the Organization Stripe account.


League Magic payment processing interface gives Organizations the flexibility to manage the collection of payments to meet their needs.

The Payment Processing interface includes the following:

  • Ability to create Team and Individual Fees and Credits

  • Ability to manually enter received payments, or use the automated YSP interface

  • Generate and email custom invoices for YSP billings

  • Have different Stripe accounts for Football and Cheerleading

  • Allows Organization or Payer to pay the credit card transaction fee

  • Audit trail of all payment fees, discounts and payments

  • Automatically apply early registration discounts to participants

  • Automated payment reminder emails that can be sent for current or previous seasons

  • Set a minimum payment amount

  • Give discounts if a single payment is made in full by a specified time period.

  • Full or partial refunds on YSP payments


League Magic

Payment Processing


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