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League Magic Software, LLC Announces Premier Spring League Licensing Agreement

LUTZ, FL, (September 21, 2023) – League Magic Software, LLC announces that it has finalized a Limited Licensing Agreement with Premier Spring League (PSL) for its League Magic Tournament software solution. This agreement recognizes PSL as the exclusive user of League Magic Spring 8on8 Tournament software in the State of Florida, and also the first League Magic customer to utilize the newly developed Gen3 League Magic Platform. Frank Sarwatka, President of League Magic Software, LLC commented "We are excited to sign PSL for the Spring 2024 season. We have worked extensively with their leadership team over five years and have developed multiple Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions with them. We enjoy fostering these quality relationships, and their success benefits our entire community." 

League Magic Software has invested a year developing their new Gen3 platform. This platform is a complete redesign of the core components in their suite of software solutions. This enhancement is transparent to users, and will eliminate thousands of hours yearly in software development and maintenance; make the software more efficient; and, reduce turnaround time on support and enhancements. "When PSL contacted us a few weeks ago about their Spring League software requirements, we felt that it was a good time to do a proof of concept on our Gen3 investment. We were able to deliver a software solution in weeks that would have taken 6 to 9 months on the legacy Gen1 platform, which was retired in May 2023. Gen3 was an investment we needed to make. We are projecting a 400% growth in 2024 with our US customer base, and we will be expanding into Canada and the United Kingdom. This growth could not be possible without Gen3, and it positions us for success over the next 10 years.", stated Mr. Sarwatka.

League Magic Software will roll out software upgrades using the Gen3 platform to its existing customer in the Spring of 2024.

About League Magic Software, LLC

League Magic Software provides SaaS software solutions with 40 years in BPA software development on multiple operating platforms.  Everything we do is with the customer in mind, and our goal is to provide our customers a competitive advantage.  We design software that is fast, flexible and secure and we excel at understanding the customers’ business and then developing the perfect solution.

League Magic Software proceeds support the Owen Sarwatka Foundation and shares its values of Courage, Compassion and Conservation. The Owen Sarwatka Foundation provides grants to non-profit educational institutions to be used as student scholarships, and grants to non-profit organizations that conduct scientific research and promote environmental conservation.  

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"League Magic" and "League Magic Software" trademark rights are the exclusive property of League Magic Software, LLC which exclusively owns all rights to its suite of software products. League Magic Software, LLC has no affiliations licensed to market, promote, distribute or sell software owned by League Magic Software, LLC.

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