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League Magic Software, LLC Announces Simplified Software Licensing

LUTZ, FL, (June 1, 2023) – League Magic Software, LLC announces a new simplified contract structure for its League Magic    software solution for Youth Football and Cheerleading Leagues. Effective July 1, 2023, Leagues can purchase a (1) year limited software license. The limited software license agreement will allow Leagues full use the League Magic software provided that their “Fall Season” is their primary business function. It also allows all Leagues to have the ability to take advantage of League Magic Software's superior customer service and support. Limited software licenses can be purchased prior to the League’s first scheduled Regular Season game date, and all 2023 software licenses expire on June 30, 2024.

League Magic Software   is also excited to announce that the software pricing rate for 2023 will bring the power of League Magic to organizations fingertips world wide. The 2023 participant based software pricing rate is US$1.50 per football and cheerleading participant that are on the Active Rosters during the League’s first Regular Season game. An invoice will be generated on that date with a 60 day grace period on payments. A 5% late fee will be assessed on outstanding balances after 60 days and again after 120 days. Full payment is required by June 30, 2024. League Magic Software accepts limited software license payments via credit card on the League Magic Software Payment Portal.

Leagues that are interested in a League Magic can submit a Trial Request on our web sites Request a Trail page.

League Magic Software, LLC retains all software and limited licensing rights, and reserves the rights to approve or refuse any limited licensing agreement requests..

About League Magic Software, LLC

League Magic Software provides SaaS software solutions with 40 years in BPA software development on multiple operating platforms.  Everything we do is with the customer in mind, and our goal is to provide our customers a competitive advantage.  We design software that is fast, flexible and secure and we excel at understanding the customers’ business and then developing the perfect solution.

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"League Magic" and "League Magic Software" trademark rights are the exclusive property of League Magic Software, LLC which exclusively owns all rights to its suite of software products. League Magic Software, LLC has no affiliations licensed to market, promote, distribute or sell software owned by League Magic Software, LLC.

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